Meditation Can Help With Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Study Says

Meditation may help reduce smoking, study says

Dr. Madhav Goyal of Johns Hopkins University and colleagues reviewed 47 randomized clinical trials, with a total of 3,515 people, for evidence of the effects of meditation. They wrote that doctors need to be able to talk with their patients about the role meditation might play in efforts to address stress. But, they also said, “Stronger study designs are needed.” They found low evidence or no effect or insufficient evidence to draw conclusions about meditation and attention, substance use, eating habits, sleep and weight. They found no evidence that meditation worked better than exercise or drugs. The researchers noted that meditation programs vary in many ways, making them difficult to assess. The clinical trials they reviewed lasted from three weeks to more than five years.
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Low Zinc Levels in the Body May Be Linked to Depression

“Boxers compete in a sport where the definition of success includes a win at all cost attitude,” says Dr Silby. “All of your value as a person is tied to your athletic achievements and that leaves these athletes vulnerable to depression. “We should be trying to reposition that definition of success to develop healthy individuals whose athletic outcome matches their capabilities. The attention to the person first and athlete second is a critical first step in mitigating and preventing this illness. “This win at all cost thinking extends beyond the athlete; it is imbued in them form everyone they come in contact with and it has a damming effect “There’s a network that surrounds a fighter that doesn’t really accept a loss, telling them they didn’t really lose, that the judges were bad, the referee was bad, all to shield them from the reality of what’s going on in their career.” It seems so many desperate aspects can combine to cause some fighters to suffer grievously at the hands of the black dog of depression. Will anything ever change? Could a boxers’ union that looks out for the interests of all fighters help?
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Urban Outfitters spark Twitter fury over sale of ‘depression’ T-shirt

urban outfitters depression t shirt - urban outfitters images -

The researcher said that the new meta-analysis analyzed a total of 17 studies that included 1,643 depressed patients and 804 healthy test subjects. The purpose was to determine whether or not lowered blood zinc levels could be associated with depression. Swardfager argues that the results say yes. Although association studies cannot determine the direction of causation, a causal association between zinc status and depression is biologically plausible. Zinc has antioxidant properties, helps to maintain endocrine homeostasis and immune function, and plays multiple roles in regulating [brain circuits] and cognitive function, the team says in the research paper. Thus, changes in zinc [balance] might compromise neuroplasticity and contribute to long-term neuropsychological and psychiatric decline, the scientists add.
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Dealing with depression – boxing’s ongoing fight


3 sugars 6 comments Fashion retailer forced to remove design from website after public outrage Fashion retailer Urban Outfitters has come under fire yet again for a controversial design, this time for a t-shirt that some are claiming makes light of mental illness. The garment in question is a cropped tee emblazoned with the word ‘depression’ in various sized fonts, desribed as: a super depressing tee from Depression topped with an all over logo graphic,” on Urban Outfitters’ website. Thousands of users took to Twitter to voice their disgust over the design – which is made by label Depression – with one user writing: “dear @UrbanOutfitters depression is not a fashion statement fix up.” Urban Outfitters have now responded to the public outrage, tweeting from their official account that “For those asking, the tee was designed by a small brand named Depression and we are no longer selling it on our site,” but many aren’t satisfied, asking why it was ever sold in the first place. Non profit organisation Minds Like Ours – which raises awareness about mental illness – wrote an open letter to the retail chain, saying: “We at Minds Like Ours work very hard to break down the barriers and stigmas associated with mental health issues and give help and support to those who need it. “This aim is made much harder when companies as large as Urban Outfitters deem it acceptable to release an item of clothing stapled with a mental health issue. “Stamping the word depression all over a top is both horrifying and disgusting.
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