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Mental illness and criminal justice: Muskegon’s mental health court changes lives

Both women recently graduated from Muskegon Countys mental health court . The court is a collaboration of 60th District Court, Community Mental Health Services of Muskegon County and the courts probation office, with cooperation from defense and prosecuting attorneys. The goal is to protect the public by reducing repeat crimes by mentally ill criminal defendants, at the same time improving the participants’ lives. Defendants plead guilty or no contest to their charges mostly misdemeanors like shoplifting, domestic assault, petty larceny and are given a suspended jail sentence and supervised probation as well as the usual fines and costs. The probation conditions include mandatory mental-health treatment and in-court reviews once a month with a courtroom full of fellow participants, usually about 25 strong. The incentive is a successful discharge from probation, sometimes early, hopefully with some life skills learned and needed treatment begun.
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Peoria Has Major Mental Health Needs: Analysis

When we speak about health, it is not as simple as looking at it from a physical standpoint. We must include oral health and mental health of an individual. Our intention is use data-driven analysis of the issues to start the dialogue, he added, to provide a platform, an opportunity for some enlightened discussion. The analysis, completed for the Peoria County Mental Health Advisory Committee by researchers from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford, used interviews with dozens of stakeholders such as States Attorney Jerry Brady, Sheriff Mike McCoy, Heartland Clinic CEO Farrell Davies and Unity Point Health-Methodist Hospitals Director of Behavioral Health Services Dean Steiner, plus six focus groups convened at places such as the Human Service Center and the South Side Office of Concern, and input from State Rep. David Leitchs Central Illinois Coalition for Mental Health Recovery. The Peoria County Community Needs Assessment on Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Disabilities Services key findings for needs and action included: Mental health needs psychiatric services, dual diagnoses (mental health and substance abuse) services and comprehensive mental health system; actions supporting existing programs, help people pay for medication, and increase providers, especially by recruiting and retaining psychiatrists. Substance abuse needs more individual counseling, a comprehensive system including case management for transition from inpatient to outpatient services, and more substance abuse services; actions increase availability of treatment services and medication, recruit and retain staff, and provide dual diagnoses treatment. Developmental disabilities needs support for families with kids and adult children, more trained staff, and improving the PUNS (Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services) waiting list; actions Support residential programs, recruit and retain staff, and improve the efficiency of the PUNS list.
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