Usa Has Made Slight Progress On Mental Health Since Newtown

AP Connecticut School Shooting

The number of public psychiatric beds has fallen 90% since the 1950s, according to the Treatment Advocacy Center. “In most communities, there isn’t the capacity to care for people who need care,” Manderscheid said. Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute for Mental Health, said he hopes the country remains committed to helping these patients and their families, even as time passes. “This is a long-term problem that will require making mental health care a priority,” Insel said. Patient advocates disagree about whether the stigma of mental illness has improved. The violence in Newtown, and in attacks such as the September shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, have led some people to assume that all people with mental illness are violent, Manderscheid said.
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Too little, too late on Va. mental health care

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comment Win McNamee/Getty Images Vice President Joe Biden, pictured signing a condolence book for Nelson Mandela, is scheduled to meet Tuesday with familes of Newtown victims. Related Stories Pyro-Mania: Fireworks Fans Hold Explosive Meeting Vice President Joe Biden is pledging more funding for mental health as the first anniversary of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting approaches. The White House says $100 million will become available to increase access and quality of mental health services. Biden will announce the funds Tuesday when he meets with relatives of Newtown victims at the White House. RELATED: CHILLING BOOK EXCERPTS DETAIL NEWTOWN MASSACRE The Obama administration will offer $50 million through the Affordable Care Act to help community health centers hire providers and add services for mental illness and addiction. The government aims to provide another $50 million in financing to help rural mental health facilities. The Obama administration has made mental health a focus of efforts to reduce gun violence.
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HHS announces $50M in new mental health funding

Reps. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) and Leonard Lance (R-N.J.) have a companion bill in the lower chamber. And the House can expect to see more mental healthcare legislation later this week. Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.), a psychologist, will hold a news conference Thursday to introduce legislation that includes mental healthcare reforms. As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Oversight Committee, Murphy has spent the last year examining the country’s troubled mental healthcare system through meetings and hearings.

Biden pledges mental health services funding to combat gun violence

McDonnell says that his new budget recommendation isnt directly related to the Deeds affair but comes as a result of studying the Sandy Hook massacre. In other words, it took McDonnell an entire year to analyze the Connecticut bloodletting and come up with recommendation. Sounds like a truly strong personal priority. Moreover, the $38.3 millionmerely takes Virginia back to post-Virginia Tech days. After a disturbed student methodically shot and killed 32 students and teachers and then himself in 2007, the state boosted mental health funding by $42 million. But about $37 million of that flittered away when tax revenue dropped in 2009 and 2010 because of the recession. In other words, McDonnell is merely returning us back to where we were about three years ago.
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