Value Added: It’s A Bug’s Life — Until The Lice Nitpickers Arrive

There was the girl who had to be treated in the garage because her mother would not let her back in the house until she was lice-free. One woman started unzipping her pants in front of Eckert, who fled the residence while suggesting the woman see a gynecologist. Head lice, Eckert said, never travel lower than the scalp. The most famous case involved a 17-year-old girl who had lice for eight years. As they combed her hair, mountains of the little critters tumbled off the comb. Her mother kept calling to thank us for changing her childs life, Eckert said.
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More Lenient School Lice Policies Bug Some Parents

“Is it as worthwhile to them for their time as it is for the parents’ cost?” 3. College prep It’s important for college-bound high schoolers to be ready for their next step, but taking Advanced Placement tests, which cost $87 each, PSATs ($14), and SATs and ACTs ($49 and at least $34, respectively) can get expensive. [Get tips on college test prep.] “Fifty dollars doesn’t seem that bad, but most kids take [the SAT] two or three times before they apply to college, so that can add up,” notes Karen Schoonover, chief academic officer and principal of Pennsylvania’s New Hope Academy Charter School, where low-income students get test fee waivers. If testing costs will be an issue for you, investigate waiver options with your school’s guidance counselor, Schoonover recommends. Schoonover’s daughter took college prep further, with subsequent costs.
Source: More Lenient School Lice Policies Bug Some Parents

Harvard expert: Leave Flemington-Raritan head lice protocols in place

pinworms, athlete’s foot, or many other transmissible maladies. So, why head lice?” Copper Hill School FLEMINGTON Theres nothing to be gained by informing parents that there are lice on schoolchildren, according to an instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health. Some parents and board members in the Flemington – Raritan school district argue that the district should change existing protocols to inform parents of head lice in the childrens classrooms, to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in some over-the-counter treatments. But Richard Pollack said that the opposite may be true. Parents who receive notes about lice in the school frequently treat on presumptive and prophylactic bases, neither of which makes good medical sense, said Pollack, chief scientific officer of IdentifyUS, a company that specializes in identifying and managing head lice.
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