Jadeja’s Absence Gives Dhoni Selection Headache


AP The skipper said there are not enough options at themoment:We will have to find someone to do the job. Its alwaysgood to have a plan B or C At the moment we dont have toomany who can do the job, Dhoni said. India are in a quandary over the bowling line-up and theyare not sure whether to play with a five-men attack or givein-form Rohit Sharma the Test cap while using him as apart-time offspinner. Asked whether Ajinkya Rahane or Rohit Sharma would getthe No 6 spot, the skipper said: Well the thing is whether wewant to go with four bowlers or have a fifth to the attack, orsomeone who can bowl a bit if needed. Thats one majordecision. Though the decision is one, its divided into threedifferent aspects.
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Is there such a thing as “airplane headache”?

Twitter could strike back by requesting a federal declaratory judgment action to have the patents invalidated based on relevant prior-art. One patent IBM is asserting, for example, involves a system for coming up with a list of common online contacts. Also in view of Twitters upcoming IPO opportunity, they may have a cause of action to recover arguable economic damages against parties that intentionally interfere with its upcoming contractual opportunities, he told MarketWatch. Twitters patent worries turns the spotlight on the companys off-beat, even controversial policy related to its own intellectual property. Under Twitters policy, called Innovators Patent Agreement, the company gives its engineers and designers more say in how to use patents on technologies they created. Twitter promised that patents will not be used in offensive litigation without their permission, according to the agreement.
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Will patent battles be a long-term headache for Twitter?

Plus, simply sitting, even in the most mathematically perfect chair, for the better part of 10 hours a day may lead to inflammation, circulatory congestion, slowed lymphatic movement and other issues that result in headache. Staring into a screen also contributes to capillary constriction. The characters that appear on-screen actually have ragged edges and are jagged in construction, unlike the typography of a printed page. Our eyes must constantly connect the dots when we are reading a screen, on a micro-level, and this results in fatigue. As a self-care option for you and your massage clients, combining 100-percent organic essential oils with the cascading water of a warm shower combines the olfactory and tactile benefits of aromatherapy for relieving headache. The steady, gentle pressure of a shower on the occipital crest (top of the head) and back of the neck is often effective in loosening muscle tension, which allows for better circulation. The chemical components of specific oilsthink bergamot, lavender, petitgrain, rose maroc, Peru balsam, sage, basil, ylang ylang, peppermint, nutmeg, chamomile, sweet orange, lime, geranium, patchouli, vetiver and cedarwood atlasalso affect the central nervous system when inhaled as microparticles.
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Aromatherapy for Headache Relief

Aromatherapy for Headache Relief, MASSAGE Magazine

Douglas Brooks, Helps Hundreds Get out of Pain Fast The Headache, Neck and Back Pain Relief Center (www.askdrbrooks.com) and Dr. Douglas Brooks, D. C., offer chiropractic measures to deal with many different types of pain, including headache pain. Over twenty years of experience in providing community chiropractic care has benefited hundreds of patients and interested members of the Bakersfield community. Save Bakersfield, CA — ( SBWIRE ) — 11/06/2013 — The Headache, Neck and Back Pain Relief Center and Dr. Douglas Brooks, D.
Source – http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/bakersfield-headache-doctor-dr-douglas-brooks-helps-hundreds-get-out-of-pain-fast-366020.htm

Bakersfield Headache Doctor, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Helps Hundreds Get out of Pain Fast

Purdy agreed that that’s a shortcoming — and said that some people in the group may well have had other reasons for their head pain. But taken along with earlier case reports, Purdy said he thinks there’s enough evidence to suggest that airplane headache may be a “new and unique disorder.” It’s not clear what, precisely, might trigger headaches during airplane landings. But one theory is that the pain may be related to pressure changes in the sinus cavities. (It’s known, for instance, that airplane passengers with colds or sinus infections can get severe headaches during take-off or landing.) Another question is why only some passengers would succumb to airplane headaches. But Purdy pointed out that just over half of the people in the current report also had a history of other headache problems — including migraines and frequent tension headaches.
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