Yoga, Stress And Weight Management Course Offered At Yoga Retreat In The Bahamas

‘Eyes-Free Yoga’ turns Kinect into teacher for the blind

Participants of all shapes and sizes are warmly invited to de-stress, explore relationships with food, and engage in exercises that facilitate self-care, introspection and healing. Relax in a tropical paradise and learn practical methods to take home to maintain your successful and healthy lifestyle. Program is presented by Ambika (Katie Papo) and will take place from November 11th-15th in Paradise Island. Katie Papo (Ambika) designs and leads wellness programs that educate and empower participants to transcend limiting behaviors and adopt healthy lifestyles. Specializing in health and wellness methodology for lasting and effective weight management, Katie promises to guide you beyond “quick fix” methods of weight loss and through a process that achieves lasting results.
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An email about the delay said that the benefit gala would go on in a different location, and organizers wrote that they were all “waiting with bated breath (or should I say deep yogic breathing?)” for the shutdown to be over. Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long. Preview the amazing images here: Loading Slideshow Three Aspects of the Absolute Folio 1 from the Nath Charit By Bulaki India, Rajasthan, Jodhpur, 1823 (Samvat 1880) Opaque watercolor, gold, and tin alloy on paper, 47 x 123 cm Mehrangarh Museum Trust, RJS2399 This monumental manuscript folio depicts creation according to the Naths, a sectarian order closely associated with hatha yoga. Creation begins with a formless transcendent Nath (represented by the shimmering gold square on the right) who emanates into increasingly more material yogic beings (center and right). Yogini India, Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram or Kaveripakkam, ca.
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‘Yoga: The Art Of Transformation’ Showcases 2,000 Years Of Body Spirit Connection

The Third Metric

Protect your spine and lower back curves in yoga: Keep your knees deeply bent in all seated and standing forward bends, and stay out of all yoga poses that create a C shape in the spinal column. Align, don’t contort. Before and After YogAlign Practice In order for yoga to evolve and be safe for all, we must use critical thinking, discernment, awareness and simple bio-mechanical common sense. I always remind my students to practice naturally aligned posture as the most important asana. If an asana does not support your spine in good posture, it is quite possibly working to pull your body out of alignment, and what is the benefit of doing it?
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Yoga Poses That Can Hurt You


It also gives kudos when someone holds a pose correctly. Rector and her collaborators — Julie Kientz , a UW assistant professor in Human Centered Design & Engineering, and Cynthia Bennett, a research assistant in computer science and engineering — detail their research (PDF) in the conference proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery’s SIGACCESS International Conference on Computers and Accessibility , which takes place in Bellevue, Wash., next week. They tested the Eyes-Free Yoga on 16 blind and low-vision people, some of whom had never tried yoga before. Of the testers, 13 said they would recommend the “exergame.” Though they suggested ways the researchers could improve the program, almost all said they would use it again. When UW doctoral student Kyle Rector lowers her arms in Warrior II pose, the Kinect responds with a verbal command to raise them to at least an 80-degree angle from her spine. (Click to enlarge.) (Credit: Kyle Rector/University of Washington) Some tools for visually impaired yoga practitioners already exist, including a Visually Impaired Yoga Mat with raised and depressed sections strategically placed to guide a student’s hands, feet, and head, and a yoga board that communicates through body sensations .
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