Light To Moderate Alcohol Leads To Good Cheer At Danish High-school Parties

BACs were measured by means of a breath analyzer, while cheerfulness (on a score from 0-16), focus distraction (score from 0-8), and sluggishness (score from 0-4) were self-reported. “We found that low to moderate alcohol consumption is associated with increased cheerfulness among adolescents attending high-school parties,” said Eliasen. “Extensive alcohol consumption leading to high BACs was associated with decreased cheerfulness among girls while this was not found for boys. However, few boys had very high BACs, which makes it difficult to draw conclusions. In addition, alcohol consumption increased focus distraction among these students.
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Docs can safely treat alcoholism, PTSD together: study

This should be increased to Rs 5,00,000,” she added. Udupi MLA, Pramod Madhwaraj, said, “Koragas are shy in nature. They never come forward to demand their rights. The administration should make sure that it goes to their doorsteps. Panchayat development officers and village accountants have been instructed to ensure that all Koraga families get BPL cards.” Dr P V Bhandary, director, Dr A V Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi, and Bogra Koraga were felicitated on the occasion.
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Alcoholism dwindles number of Koragas in Udupi

Many of those people also develop some level of alcohol dependence. About 11 million adults in the U.S. have PTSD and about one-third of them are also dependent on alcohol, according to an editorial accompanying the new study in The Journal of the American Medical Association. There has, however, been some disagreement about how to best care for people with both conditions and whether PTSD and alcoholism can safely be treated together. “If you are trying to treat the alcohol addiction without any treatment of the PTSD what will happen is that they will stop drinking and the PTSD will become more severe, so what they will do is start drinking again,” Foa, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, said.
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Tackling growing alcoholism among teens in Kerala

For long dubbed tippler country, Kerala is also grappling with possibilities of inebriated future generations. The government figures put Keralas share in the national sale of liquor at about 16 per cent. The states annual per capita consumption of alcohol is the highest in India, at 8.3 litres. The statistics may have led to moves from the government, including raising the legal age of drinking from 18 to 21, to keep alcoholism in check. Activists involved in rehabilitation of alcoholics, however, say these measures dont match up because the government is also promoting the sale of liquor in a big way.
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